Stratégies et Politiques Energétiques (SPE)

Tuesday 17th of September 2019
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Francis Perrin
Chairman of SPE

Following studies in economics and political science at the University Pierre Mendès France (UPMF) at Grenoble (France), Francis Perrin worked for several years as a journalist and freelance consultant on energy and mining resources before joining in 1991 the Paris-based Arab Petroleum Research Center (APRC). He was editor in chief of Arab Oil & Gas (AOG) and Pétrole et Gaz Arabes (PGA) between 1991 and 2000 and editorial manager of the publications of the APRC from 2001 to the beginning of 2012.

Francis Perrin set up at the beginning of 2012 Stratégies et Politiques Energétiques (SPE). He is the Chairman of SPE and the publisher and editorial manager of AOG and PGA.

Francis Perrin is also giving lectures at the UPMF (on NGOs) and at the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS, course on energy security). He is an associate editor to the Paris-based energy weekly Petrostrategies. He is the author of the chapters on crude oil and refined products in "Cyclope - World Commodity Yearbook", an annual report on commodities published in Paris by the editions Economica. He has presented communications at many conferences and seminars on energy issues and gives frequently interviews to various French and international media on these topics.


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